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I’m Back- With a Newborn

Wow, I have not logged in to post in SO long. I have so many drafts on my post page about pregnancy that I never posted. It seems a little silly to post them now that my life is consumed by taking care of this newborn but there are a few things I will share eventually like my gear recommendations, prenatal workouts and morning sickness remedies.

Our baby girl arrived on November 18 after 15 hours of unmedicated labor. The experience was one that I will never ever forget but the memory of the pain has already begun to disappear. I would do it a million times over knowing how incredibly worth it all that pain would be. I will post about my birth experience soon.

Logan is now 2 months old and is healthy and happy. I feel like it really took the first 2 months to figure anything out- read that again, not to figure everything out but to figure anything at all out. During those 2 months I was googling everything from breastfeeding, sleeping, pacifiers, sleeping, what to do with a baby, sleeping… you get the picture. And what I learned was that there really is no answer that works for everyone. You can google it all and you can learn a lot about other babies but the most important thing I could ever share is to spend the time getting to know YOUR baby rather than the baby of someone who posted the same question on Yahoo answers in 2010.

What worked for them might work for you but chances are it won’t right this minute and even if it does, it won’t work in 2 weeks. The first 2 months is just about learning about your baby and yourself as a parent. What works for him or her? What works for us as a family? Just because so and so puts their baby in the crib “drowsy but awake” every 42.5 minutes exactly and she falls asleep perfectly doesn’t mean that is going to work for you and you will just beat yourself up for not having the perfect baby like @momof2inReno did 8 years ago.

So I didn’t find googling all that helpful in some cases but I did appreciate learning that other moms were experiencing the same thing as I was. So that is what I will try to do with this blog. There will still be recipes and workouts (mama’s got to eat) but I will also include stories and experiences- not to tell anyone what they should or shouldn’t do with their baby but just to share our experience in case someone out there googling at 2 am can relate.

So thanks for coming back to the blog and I look forward to sharing so much more in the future.


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