Life is Messy and so is My Kitchen

About Me and My Mess

Welcome to my mess! I’m Alexis and I am so glad you’re here.

Why the mess?

I started by first blog in 2015 called Balance Bride after I got married. I really began my health and wellness journey as I prepared for my wedding and I wanted to help other people achieve their goals of feeling and looking great for their wedding without crash dieting and without depriving themselves and missing out on fun pre-wedding activities. I wanted to share the variety of workouts I was doing through Classpass and show all the delicious food I ate while still being mindful of my health. Basically, it was all about balance.

I still completely believe that it is all about balance and I believe balance means more than just kale in one hand and a cupcake in the other. I believe that we have to have a balance of easy and tough, pretty and messy, good days and bad days. I got sucked in to the world of trying to perfectly curate every instagram post to get more followers and it slowly felt a lot less “me”.

Every single time I cook, I make a terrible mess. My husband is a true saint and often comes in after me to clean up. (The whole I’ll cook and you clean idea was written in to our vows) but he always makes a joke about it. One day he said, ” your blog really should be called, ‘look at this mess I’m making over here.” He was joking but this stuck with me. That mess is more me, my real life and my real messy and happy home and that is what I really wanted to share. I wasn’t totally sure how to make the change so I kept going along with my good lighting and curated backdrop for the insta but wasn’t motivated to share my recipes and my experiences.

Then, on March 1, 2017 my husband and I found out that we are expecting our first baby. I don’t want to sound cliche but those 2 lines changed everything for me. I realize that the next few years are going to be wild.┬áMy body is going to change in so many ways including the fuel it needs and our home is going to become a lot messier.

So, This Mess I’m Making is all about that- all about the real messy stuff including pregnancy, babies, food, workouts and fun.

I hope you enjoy it!